They might be World Champs, but they are still The Sox...

Sitting here watching the Red Sox drop the seanonn opener to the Yankees.

I kind of expected as much from the outset, so I'm not too P.O.'d.
Wells did look like shite though.

161 to go over the course of some cold April nights through those sweltering summer months and to the cool crisp air of the fall.

D isn't that happy that is it baseball season again over here. Red Sox losses can sometimes effect my "mood". I might be Jimmy Fallon in "Fever Pitch" squared. An D is way cooler than Drew Berrymore! "Love is love."

I just found Wonder Showzen on MTV2, which seems pretty funny and should help me shake off the Red Sox loss.

I'd rather lose to the Yankee's in April rather than September!

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