Enjoying some time off...

Well, D and I are enjoying our Wednesday thru Friday vacation so far this week.

We have been able to get in both a weigh training workout as well as a cardio workout during the day on both Wednesday and Thursday.After the gym yesterday I went to Filene's and dropped a little bit of money on some clothes and I was able to use a 20% off coupon. Sweet!

Today was great, we went to the gym by 9am and we were heading to the beach by 11:30. It was our first trip to the beach this year, and damn it sucks that the drive to the beach is twice as long from Attleboro as it was from Fall River. I guess I could do a bit of research and find an alternative beach elsewhere in RI, or even head somewhere on the South Shore in MA, but I like 2nd beach in Middletown, RI. It is one of the few beaches around were you can still bring boogie boards, which is quite fun if there is a bit of surf. Plus, growing up my family was always a Newport/Middletown type of beachgoing family, so I guess old habits die hard.

We were only able to spend just over two hours at the beach since we had our first Corporate Financial Management class tonite at 6:00, so we had to leave the beach by 3:00. Good thing we did, because D and her fair skin are pretty red this evening, even after just two hours in the hazy afternoon sun.

The beach was nice and uncrowded and super mellow. The one worrisome thing was that we ended up seeing a one legged seagull. This distressed D, since she is the about animal welfare.I was just chilling in front of us for a while grooming himself, and we wanted to see if he had any trouble flying, but after a while he just did a hop-hop-hop and sailed off like he had no problems. So that was a relief.

I just finished cleaning my PS2 for the first time ever.It had been skipping for the past few days and kind of overheating or something. I found a great cleaning FAQ on Tweak3d and now I'm going to put the PS2 back together and see if my issues are resolved.

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