My Monday Morning, it gets better!!!


I'm glad I chose to log on the internizz before I got ready for work this morning. I see that I got linked by Tony Pierce this morning! Friggin nice! Now "I" feel as bad as can!

In honor of Bettlejuice and all of the Wack Pack I will reveal for the first time on this blog that I was actually born and raised in Fall River, MA, the same town as Hank "The Angry Drunken" Dwarf. He was a regular at a karaoke night that I friend of my father's was a dj at, and he lived next door to a lady who worked with my mother. I remeber stories about Hank always scaring the lady's young son.

Upon Hank's passing I used some of my Stern stalker skills and drove by the wake a few times to see if I could see anyone from "The Show" and I cruised by the cemetary on the Saturday morning in case there was an odd chance that Howard made an apperance. There were actually police cruisers posted at each entrance to the cemetary!! For Hank the Dwarf's funeral. Not in his wildest dreams!!!

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