A Sleepy Saturday

This has been a superb and lazy due nothing day!

D and I hung out with our newest townhouse neighbors last night. They moved in two months ago, but last night was the first time that we all hung out and had a couple drinks. It is nice to have another couple that is pretty much our same age living right next door. They have a one and a half year old son whoprovided some entertainment for us last night too. I also found out that they have like a 57 inch wide screen TV with Hi-Def, and he watches most Red Sox games like I do and I was invited to come watch the Sox in Hi-Def whenever I wanted. Since last night was Friday the game was on UPN not NESN so the game wasen't in Hi-Def! Oh well.

After hanging out over there D and I came back home and then we went on a walk around the neighborhhod at like 1am. We took one of the Zen Micro's with us and a pair of headphones and each listened with one ear. After a while we ending up doing much more talking than listening to the music. It was quite a nice walk, holding hands on a warm clear spring night under the moonlight. Very relaxing and Zen like.

Ended up not going to bed until around 3:30 and slept until 4pm this afternoon! Yikes! Slept most of an awesome day away as it was like 80 degrees outside. Just pretty much lounged around watching some mind numbing MTV and snuggling on the couch. I'm now spending my happening Saturday night typing on here while watching Trading Spaces on TCL. Oh what fun. Tomorrow is supposed to be great out so I'm glad to take it easy in order to enjoy the sunshine tomorrow!

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