Unpaid Product Placement!

The mosquitos have been something fierce out on the little back deck the past couple weeks. I have been lighting the two citronella oil torches if I am out there after nightfall cooking on the grill or what have you.

I was cleaning up that area a little bit earlier this evening and I was getting eaten alive. I had to cook tonight's dinners and tomorrow's lunches and I realized that I had a few Off Mosquito repelent pads left over from last summer. I threw one of those bad boys in their little lanter and hoped it would take care of business. I didn't know how strong they were going to be since they were left over from last year, but the strong chemical smell I had on my fingers after setting it up made me think that we were probably gonna be good to go.

Well anyway, I cooked about two pounds of turkey tenderloin filets, a chicken breast and a turkeybuger without getting bit by one mosquito!! Thank you Off Mosquito latern!


I also moved out of the Dark Ages a few weeks ago and bought a Braun/Oral B pulsating power toothbrush! Holy crap, what took me so long? This thing is the bomb! I suggest that anyone who is still using an old style manual toothbrush should really think long and hard about making the switch. It sure seems to be $80.00 well spent. My teeth feel cleaner than ever. There is no excuse to be cleaning our teeth in 2005 the same way it was done in 1776. Ever get a look at George Washington's choppers? These things should be the #1 gift in England. The Queen should buy one for every member of the country!!

Hoo-ray for clean teeth!!

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