Bananas and Peanut Butter for the squirrels

I was doing the dishes today and there was quite a bit of action at the back birdfeeder. I had thrown down the last of the cracked corn on Friday night and the squirrels were out in force today picking through the corn.

I decided to slather some peanut butter on a banana and sit outside with the camera and see if I could snap the squirrels in action. Only one came to claim the prize, and he pretty much just ate off all the globs of peanut butter and left the banana behind.


PINKSandROSES said...

that's hilarious!

Christopher Trottier said...

I remember an old game for the Mac I used to play for the Mac entitled "Squirrel Kombat". Man, was that ever a fun game. Great punk rock soundtrack too.

4rilla said...

I remember one for Atari where you were a farmer and you had to stop gophers from stealing your carrots.

§häß00tý said...

hey 4-rilla
you ever try the smothering peanut butter on a pinecone move?
I added ya to my b-roll

4rilla said...

The pinecone trick was the first that came to mind. But the pinecones were outside near the squirerls and I didn't want to disturb them in order to just get the 'cones.

I noticd that I had some extra bananas left over from the week and figured it would make a decent pinecone fill in.

The squirrels didn't care much for the banana, but I left it out overnight and I bet it will be gone in the am.