David Lee Roth to replace Howard Stern in NY & LA??

Well I hear that Chaunce Hayden of Stepping Out magazine infamy and the so called SIRI insider trading baloney that went down a few months ago regarding the Stern show was just on Fox News.

Chaunce says that Infinity insiders state that Howard will be off the air by September 1st, and that his replacement in New York and LA will be none other than Diamond David Lee Roth!

If that is the best that Infinity can do in their largest market it is a sure sign that Terrestrial radio is Doomed, with a capital "D". David Lee Roth did a morning stint on 'WAAF in Boston a few months back. I tuned over for about 10 minutes while Howard was in commercial break. The show was unlistenable, but that's what I expected. I'm sure Inifinity can get him for cheap money, but he sure is a one trick pony. Also does anyone under the age of 30 even associate themselves with David Lee Roth?

Hey let them do it! Sirius will sign up subscribers even quicker if he is Stern's replacement!
And a Bababooey to you all!! I'm off to the gym.

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