Mike Doughty

The Call
Providence RI 7/22/05

I've been a Soul Coughing fan since way back and I saw the band live once before many years back at the previous Lupo's address. Mike Doughty put on a great show then, and put on an equally impressive performance last night. While he was appearing with a full band, the sound is stripped down a bit from the sonic Soul Coughing days. But this is a good thing, as Doughty's strangely unique voice can really come through.

All in all the show was decent but the crowd quite lame. A great number of guys in cargo shorts, and some fugly girls with wide asses. No Coors Light, no Smirnoff Ice!But that wasn't Mike's fault.

The show started off with Tremendous Brunettes and next thing we were into the only Soul Coughing song that was played on the night. True Dreams of Witchita. Doughty ripped through about 2/3 of Haughty Melodic, Skittish and Rockity Roll. Highlights included a smoldering version of "Firetruck", Madeline and Nine" and "27 Jennifers". At one point Handsome Dan pounded out a version of Salt N Pepa's "Push It" and a version of "Paradise City". The cover of Kenny Rodgers "The Gambler" had the biggest crowd reaction on the night.

I was totally expecting to hear "Janine" in the encore, but it was not to be. All in all it was a good Friday night out and Doughty's lyrics and voice highlighted the night in front of a crowd of about 250 people.

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