Note to self...

Cancel the subscription to The Boston Goble tomorrow.

My reduced rate subcription expired a couple months ago and I am paying the full price for home delivery. I just have to call and ask to reduce to the Sunday paper only and they well offer me 7 days for .20cents more a week.

I'd be foolish not too.


Bill German said...

newsprint wont exist in 10 years. just look at the stock performance of the ny times. (NYT) The internet is bettah! Blogs are more entertaining and genuine.

4rilla said...

I only get the Globe for two reasons.

As something to read on break and lunch at work, and for the coupons on Sunday!

Yeah the Globe just started a new section about two weeks ago called "Sidekick", it is a smallish 12 to 16 page section that is included each day in which they are trying to cater to the internet/ADD set.