Stocks for Bloggers

TCOW- 7/15 close $1.00
This Canadian domain name registrar acquired blogrolling.com in 2004 and lauched blogware.com

Considering that register.com RCOM has gone from $5.01 to $8.00 in the oast few months I thinks TCOW looks good right here. Tech rally.


Docuharborisbad said...

This is really dumb analysis. You need to consider a larger sample size and take a few steps back. RCOM didn't just go from $5.01 to $8 for no reason. It went down to $5 because it ddin't file it's SEC filings and because it's quaterly results were poor. That it went up at three different times based on three different events none of which had anything to do with Tucows. 1) They filed their SEC filings, 2) James Mitarotonda tried to take them private at $7.1 a share, 3) After he failed, Mark Cuban filed that he owned 9.7% and then 13.7% of the company, buying most of his shares at the $7.40 level and both he and James wanted on the board. Cherrypicking out of context movements about RCOM has nothing to do with Tucows.

I write this as someone who owns both RCOM and Tucows stock. Maybe you should spend more time bashing Manny and linking crappy sites like bostondirtdog. What a retard you are.

4rilla said...

Well well well, aren't you a bad ass.

I guess we will just have to wait 6 months and see where TCOWS sits.