Simple Things Made Difficult

D and I have not had cell phones for the past month and a half. It has been quite liberating, going back to the Stone Age not having a phone on us at all times.

Basically we were locked into a Cingular plan for 2 years which expired in June. We pretty much both hate talking on the phone and we were using a combined 15 to 20 minutes a month and paying $50 some odd dollars for the privilege. So needless to say we cancelled the phones the first day possible and we have been without cellular for the past 6 weeks or so.

We went to Target after work to pick up a Virgin Mobile pay as you go. They wanted $149 for their camera phone or $89 for a decent non camera model. I offered to go to Best Buy in the next plaza over to comparison shop, but we ended up just buying the one at Target.

Get home and check the internet and you can get the same phone that was $149 at Target for $99 at Best Buy, and get a CD thrown in for free up to $14.99.

So now we are about to trudge back up the hell that is Route 1 and return phone number 1 at Target and go and pick up phone number 2 at Best Buy.

Such is life.

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