Worth the trip

Well D and I had to take a trip into Cambridge after work yesterday to pick up a glass cabinet we found on craigslist for $40. It ended up being in mint condition and probably would sell new for $200 or so. All in all it was 110% worthwhile. The lady who was selling it was totally cool, lived on the first floor and had the cabinet right by the door. I was worried that we wouldn't be able to get in into the Hyundai's hatchback but we were able to slip it in there just so and still close the hatch.

The Red Sox had a day game and we ended up going right by Fenway in order to get over to Cambridge. Traffic was a friggin mess and it was a 3 hour trip altogether, but no big deal.

I'm working a quick five hours of OT in the morning and then I'm on vacation. Nothing better than a week off!! Well, I guess there's always 2 weeks off!!!


Bill German said...

Fuckin Ay! My favorite sign in the whole wide world

4rilla said...

I hear that!!!

It underwent a renovation recently and glows even brighter than in the past!