Have you ever lost your keys at the Supermarket?

Well I lost mine today between checking out at the register and getting to my car. It was in the course of no more than 30 seconds and my keys were nowhere to be found. I had to call Destiny to come and get me, and then I had to find my spare set and go back to get my car. I figure they got thrown into the bag of the person checking out behind me and they were gone by the time I got back to the register. Hopefully that person found them when they were emptying their groceries and they will bring them back to the store tomorrow. The keychain doesn't have any identifying info such as my address or anything so that is good. But I am out a car key and a house key. All in all the scenario could have been worse so I won't complain.

To make matters worse get this. There was a father and daughter sitting outside in the grocery store entryway. As I was leaving they asked if I wanted to make a donation. I had no change in my pocket so I bust out my wallet and grab two singles. As I am about to drop the $2.00 into the slot the guy looks at me and says, "Where are the $20.00's, Where are the $20.00's." I found that to be rude as fuck so I took the $2.00 back and said, "Well now your not getting anything." And then he all started apologizing and said he was kidding. He then followed me about 15 steps outside to shake my hand and apologize. It was at this point that I realized I didn't have my car keys. He was then trying to be all super nice to me and helped me look through my groceries to see if my keys had fell into a bag or something.

But I thought that was some rude shit, him asking me where the $20.00's were.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe this guy was a professional con artist and actually stole your keys as he was shaking your hand to apologize. Pwned