Jackson or Teddie??

Here is a picture of the new cat that D brought home on Thursday nite. We are undecided between Jackson and Teddie as far as names go.

He is very cool and mellow and has adapted quite well. I think he has eaten 8 to 10 pouches of wet food in the past three days as well as a bunch of scoops of dry. Today we introduced him individually to our two other cats (Sophie and Alphie) earlier today.

Sophie pretty much acted as expected and was whining and hissing at him and being the little snot that she is. Alphie wasn't all that impressed. We have had him the longest and he is the biggest and rules the house. He just sort of acted as if he was too cool to say hello and just went about his business. But he did let out a few hisses, showing that he is in charge.

Red Sox are back in even in the East. This will be a crazy final week of the season.
Tom Brady and the Patriots were able to silence the Pittsburgh Steelers today, although they did lose Rodney Harrison and Matt Light in the process. Those injuries just make the win a little more remarkable.

I guess I'll now numb my mind and watch My Fair Brady and Breaking Bonaduce on VH1.

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