Blah Blah Monday Blah Blah....

I hope everyone is well, as you can see by the title this has been sort of a "blah" day. But hopefully the week will only go better.

- Flat tire on the way home from work today. Right on Rt. 95 South before the Gillette Stadium Rt. 1 exit. 4:45, peak traffic time, but due to the holiday the roads weren't overly packed. The flat was on the drivers side, and the breakdown lane isn't that ample, so Ididn't feel like running the risk of getting my leg taken off by someone who was pissed that they had to work on Columbus Day. Temp. 50 degrees and raw, misty and gray.

So I pulled out the AAA Gold Card. I prefer the Gold because if you do end up needed to get towed it is unlimited mileage rather than the 20 mile or so radius the regular card has. The girl who answered appeard to be easily confused but I told her where the heck I was. After sitting there for about 5 minutes there is this other car putt putting in the breakdown lane. He stops within 40 feet of me. He ran out of gas. I let him use my phone, he calls his girlfriend who was on her way home from Boston. So he and I make small talk for a while, and after 50 minutes this tow truck shows up thanks to AAA.

The guy jumps out as if I am Tony Stewart and I need to get back on the track. Grabs the spare, jacks up my car, off with the lug nuts in 20 seconds. Hits the tire with a mallet, off it comes. Spare on. Zooot, Zooot, Zooot, Zoot. Lugs secure, sign here, and I'm ready to go within 2 minutes. He hooks the dude up with a gallon or so of gas and everyone goes on there merry way!

At least with the Red Sox out of the playoffs I don't have to plan my next 3 weeks around baseball games! Bottom of the 8th: LAA5 NYY3. Three more outs and New Yorkers won't have to plan around baseball either.

I'm on vacation next week. I've got to try an plan an overnight trip for me and (*). Oh yeah, by the way (*) is the new name, or symbol if you will for my girlfriend. She has told me recently that she is against me using her name on here so from now on I will refer to her as (*). Unless anyone else has a better idea.

But anyway both (*) and myself are on vacation next week. I figured we should at least go somewhere overnight, we did just go to Vegas last month so we don't really have any set plans. Maybe head towards Mass MOCA, in the Berkshires, get a little culture at the museum, catch the last of the foliage and stay over at a small hotel somewhere.Preferably with an outdoor hot tub! Or we could always go to Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun overnite. I could go for an evening of craps and a little slot action. Speaking of which, Powerball is $24o million. I've got to head to Rhode Island tomorrow to pick up a few tickets.

When I started this post I didn't think I had anything to say. I think this ended up as one of my longest post yet. As if anyone is even gonna make it this far. Probably not. But if you did make it to the end..... Leave me a comment. HOW WAS YOUR MONDAY???


Bill German said...

Go Red Sox! (oops sorry). what is the symbol for q tv?

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CT said...

that sucks ass about the tire man... but have fun on your trip...