The Good News and The Bad News

The good news is that I picked up the Dyson Pet Hair vacuum today at Sharper Image. (*) and I had each been saving our own cash back from Discover Card and doubling them with Sharper Image Gift cards in order to try to get the Dyson for next to nothing. She ordered $200 worth of gift cards from cashback a few months back and hers came with no problem. I ordered mine about a month ago and rather than issuing one card for $200, Discover issued 3 cards for $80,$80 and $40. The new cards that Discover issues now say, "Limit one card per transaction" or words to that effect. So even though I had $200 of free money at Sharper Image I have to use it in three transactions. So that means no free Dyson's, no free I-Joy Vibrating Chairs, no free Ionic Breeze. What it does mean is free electronic cat toys, nose trimmers, or executive dart sets.

We did end up buying the Dyson anyway, got a $40 cat toy. (pictures of that to come later) and I still have $80.00 to use for who knows what.

The Dyson cleans like a mofo, I think it pulled up 3x as much as our old model did. I was happy to deposit that one in the dumpster earlier today.

The World Series starts in about an hour. White Sox in 6.

4rilla- out!


Lindsay said...

Oh what domestic bliss!

4rilla said...

I'll bring it over and do your carpets too Lindsay, I'll only charge your $5.00 as opposed to the usual $10.00!!

Lindsay said...

Wow, that is definitely a most generous offer. I'm sure there is enough rabbit fur embedded in my carpets that if I were to collect it I could make an angora sweater and some matching mittens.