I got to see the sun today!

Wow wow wow.

So we saw the sun for the first time in 9 days today. It felt great to see that warm light pressed against the drawn shades when I woke up this morning. Went down to my parents house, I had promised to trim back a Japanese Red Maple that was getting a bit out of control and making it difficult to get into the backyard.

About 10 minutes into it I realized that I should have taken before and after pics to post on here in order to show off my pruning artistry. Anyway I made the tree look all nice nice, even climbed up in it to elimate a fair amount of deadwood. Watched half of the Patriots game with Dad. They tried to come back at the end, but it was too little too late. Hung out with Mom for a bit and had some laughs.

Peter Manfredo was robbed last night on The Contender rematch. I scored the fight 6 rounds for Manfredo and 2 rounds for Mora. I don't know what the "judges" were looking at. But that's the state of boxing today.

It seems like it will be peak fall foliage time this coming week, and I am on vacation. Anyone up for a road trip through the Berkshires?


Bill German said...

i am on my way to the taunton dog track. Go swifty

4rilla said...

Bad day to go to Taunton Bill. Some old wooden dam has been on the verge of breaking the past few days. A couple thousdand people have been evacuated. Gov. Romney came down to check it out and everything. It has even been making the rotation on Fox News CNBC etc...