Karl Rove gave Harriet Miers the Asian Bird Flu!

Well we are on our 8th day of rain in a row here in New England. In the words of Casey Kasem, "This is ponderous, fucking ponderous man". I don't know how those of you in Seattle or the like put up with this shit! It has been raining since the Red Sox were knocked out of the playoffs. Coincidence?

Speaking of the Red Sox the triumvirate of Henry, Werner and Lucchino really need to step up to the plate and get Theo Epstein signed to a contract before the 31st. The Sox pay out enough money to some average ballplayers that seems like a pretty crazy world that there is squabbling over the pay for Theo. Just get the deal done and lets be able to get on with the offseason.

Hey Fred Smoot, it seems my invitation to the Vikings boat cruise got lost in the mail! I'm hurt. But I guess the last laugh is on the Vikings, some players sure think they can get away with and do whatever they damn well please. Take Chicago minus 3 this weekend as the Vike's should end up getting smoked.

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