If Fall Weather was always like this...

You wouldn't catch me complaining all that often. 51 degrees on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, hanging out cooking some turkey burgers and chicken sausage on grill in a t-shirt. About to have a hearty meal and watch the Patriots vs. Saints.

Too bad I'm down to just one beer in the house, that is pretty lame. I would have drank this one last night if I didn't pass out cold by 11:00 pm. I wouldn't mind having a few cocktails while I watch the game, but my plan is to go to the gym after watching football, and 3 or 4 vodka drinks followed by lifting some weights just does not work.

The cats have been keeping me entertained today as they have been having their own Royal Rumble all over the house today. MMmmmmm.... Just took the food off the grill, it looks so damn good I think I will eat both turkey burgers and both chicken sausage. Why the hell not, I haven't had anything else today other than a couple cups of coffee.

So I found out last night that one of the next HBO boxing events will be December 10th at Mohegan Sun Arena. Winky Wright vs. Sam Soliman. I love going to fights at either Mohegan Sun or Foxwoods, but it seems that Foxwoods hosts fights more often than Mohegan, and I prefer Mohegan as a casino so this is pretty sweet. The last fight I saw at Mohegan Sun was Ward vs. Gatti I, which we all know turned out being the fight of the year and an instant classic.

Cheers to a nice short work week for everyone coming up due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Does anyone else have to work on Friday? Or am I the only unlucky one?

Oh and one other thing.... To the lurkers who visit this humble site with some sort of frequency. Show yourselves! Leave me a comment and say hello. I appreciate the fact that you click on through, but leave me a what's up will ya! Also, not to call anyone out or anything, but I have been getting a daily hit from someone else in Attleboro,MA the humble little township where I sit and write this drivel. You know who you are! Leave me a comment! If you are a guy, I'll meet you at Piccadilly Pub for a drink. If you are a female, well then I guess I'll meet you there for 5 drinks!

Anyway, happy Sunday too all!

-4rilla out!


Anonymous said...

It could be me that "hits" your site daily. I do work in Attleboro, but live in Plainville. I hope you don't think I'm some stalker or something. I get wicked board at work and started reading blogs to pass the time. I am not sure how I came upon yours, but when I did I saw that you were from Attleboro, I was instantly interested. Interested because of the close proximity to my little township. I keep coming back because your drivel can be pretty entertaining. So here I am again, only this time I'm saying "HEY"

I do NOT have to work the day after Thanksgiving for the first time in 6 years.

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

I volunteered to work on Friday, I am a weirdo.

Anonymous said...

LOL... I have lurkers too, but I have never called them out... maybe I will...

4rilla said...

What's up Mickey,

Nahhh I don't think your a stalker!

I like hits and I like comments, just trying to make my little slice of the internets a little more friendly and interactive is all.

I'll try to talk more about the goings on the "the boro"in order to keep it topical for ya!

Thanks for saying hi!

And CT, you should call out your lurkers, it looks like it works.

I bet Lindsay has mre lurkers than you and I put together since she is a Femme Fatale!