Just because Adriana Lima is so damn hot...

I've been sitting here the last hour watching the Victoria's Secret fashion show. I will admit I find it a bit more interesting than an episode of NCIS. Apparently Tyra Banks in retiring from runway or something. I give it 18 months before she comes out of her "retirement". She must be busy working on that scary good talk show!

Went to Newbury Comics this evening and picked up the Gilbert Gottfried "Dirty Jokes" DVD. I've heard him come on Stern the past two months, how Artie "advised" him on the DVD, and his push to market the DVD before Howard leaves for Sirius. Gilbert has always been my favorite comic ever to sit in for the news. They played some of his classic bits today but I want to mention one that they didn't speak of which is in heavy rotation on my Zen Micro. Gilbert was sitting in on the news the first time Niggerwhat ever called in to the show.

For those of you who don't know of Niggerwhat. He called up Stern one day claiming to be an 83 year old black man who watched his daddy get lynched back when he was like 10 years old. Claims that years later he then stabbed one of his daddy's murderers to death and says "Nigger what do you think of me now" or words to that effect. I believe he said that sometime in the 80's he legally changed his name to "Nigger What". He was calling in to say that he would commit suicide if Michael Powell then head of the FCC would not do an interview with Stern.

Anyway, after the call from Niggerwhat Gilbert and Artie proceeded to go on a nigger this and nigger that tirade, and both got out of control. Howard couldn't reign them in and it is one of the few times on air that I can remember Howard getting actually mad because they just would not stop. Classic stuff. But anyway I picked up the Gilbert DVD and you can expect a review from me sometime in the next few days.

The weathermen suck. I was supposed to wake up to snow with a total accumulation of 4 to 6 inches. Instead we got a dusting. I'm totally happy it didn't snow, but I got up extra early this morning to make sure I was going to be to work on time. Instead I had all this extra time on my hands. But whatever, as I would prefer to just lose a little sleep as opposed to deal with 2 snowy commutes.

It will be interesting to see what the Red Sox do in these winter meetings. Tonite I see there is talk of trying to deal Renteria to the Braves in a 3 way deal also involving the Devil Rays. Talk of trying to get O. Cab back from the Angles, and talk of a Mirabelli to the Padres for Mark Loretta deal with the Padres. It sure seems like it will be a "new look" Sox team on the field next year. Play ball.

Grrr.. I just remembered I have a load of clothes to put in the dryer, at least I remembered now and not tomorrow night. And I have to go make my lunch for tomorrow. Big fun! So on that note I am outta here.

Gilbert Gottfried


Anonymous said...

I liked watching heidi clum myself... but yeah that was a great show...

Anonymous said...

dude, great post!
I was laughing the whole time.

I can totally imagine the Stern show you speak of.
it mustve been a riot!

Anonymous said...

i love adriana. did you know that she's been on the runway since age 14?