Nothing Accomplished...

Friday after work:

5:45 Attempt to get haircut. Place closes at 6pm and there are a few people waiting. Screw that I don't even go inside.

5:55- Successfully purchase a large French Vanilla coffee from Dunkin Donuts.

6:05 Arrive at Bob's Stores (a regional New England clothes store) armed with a 20% off coupon as well as a $10.00 certificate that they send on your birthday. I find the matching track jacket top to these Nike warmup pants I have and a cheap pair of silver Reeboks.

6:45- Go to checkout, realize I don't have my Bob's card on me which I would need to get the discounts. Say Fuck It because I don't feel like going to the register without my card making them look up information etc.... Plus I probably didn't need that shite anyway.

7:15 Arrive back home from my trip to nowhere.

Just felt that I had to share.

Enjoy your weekend.

In other news:

Lary Page and Sergey Brin have each each sold approximately $1.30 Billion worth of Google stock as part of an automated trading program. Don't worry about them though, they each still own another 33 millions shares, worth another $33 Billion each.

All in all 14 directors have sold stock totaling $4.30 Billion since the IPO.

Not to shabby!

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Anonymous said...

Well I hope the rest of your weekend goes well....