Updating from a super secret location...

I'm not at home, but I brought my laptop with me for an experiment. I wanted to see if I could pick up a wi-fi signal and do some covert remote blogging. Since I am committing the heinous crime of stealing wi-fi and probably violating all sorts of State and Federal regulations I can not provide my latitude and longitude. Because I'm sure I'm the first person ever to harness onto anothers wi-fi signal.

Anyway we experienced our first hard core winter snow her yesterday during the day. My normal 45 minute drive home was extended to about an hour and 50 minutes. But this morning the sun is shining and the roads are clear, so I will be venturing out with the digicam to see if I can get any interesting pics to put up on here and add to my buzznet account.

I hope everyone out there on the interweb is doing well and staying warm.
4-rilla out!

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Anonymous said...

You know the cops are already staking out in front of my house because of all the lucid behaviors that occur in my abode...So you may not want to do anything illegal