Expressing My Frustration

So I tried to be time efficient after work. A trip to Shaw's Supermarket to grab some needed items for the week before stopping home. So I'm bopping right along in Shaw's.

I got my bananas, I got my Bush's chili, I got my ground turkey, I got my B&M Boston Baked Beans, I got my tuna, I got my International Delight creamer, I got my Yoplait yogurt, I got my paper towels and toilet paper, hell I even broke down and threw the new Gillette Fusion 5 blade razor in the cart. I was even going to write a review on it here.

I go to self checkout and pull out my keys. Oh shit, I took my smaller set of keys this weekend that does not have my rewards card on it. Fuck. All the "normal" lines are long, plus I don't want to go through the routine with the check out girl that I forgot my card, yadda yadda ya.

So I was totally pissed off at this point and just flung my carriage down the bake shop aisle and stormed out of the store. Jeez. I wanted to have everything all done and over with so I could be all set to be home and relaxed by 9pm to get my 24 Jack Bauer fix. I'm off to the gym, if I have time I will retrace my steps at the supermarket.

I intend to put forth another post later this evening. Until then.

-4rilla out!

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh poor thing....Hope that everything was there the 2nd time around....