Two cents on Cramer

So Jim Cramer is doing Mad Money live from Harvard on Wednesday. The crowd is supposed to be all Harvard students but I have a phone number to call on Wednesday morning and if there is any leftover room they are letting some non Harvard locals in, so I'm crossing my fingers. Watching Cramer do a live Lightening Round after work on Wednesday sounds like an interesting way to spend an hour or so.

With that said I was watching The Lightening Round today and have to call attention to one that I think Jim got wrong. A caller mentioned United Natural Foods Ticker: UNFI, it was The Lightening Round so in a way I can understand, but Cramer said something along the lines of, "Whole Foods is best of breed, why do you want to be in UNFI, which is just trying to masquerade as Whole Foods".

Cramer made it sound as if UNFI was another bricks and mortar organic superstore. This isn't the case. The fact of the matter is that UNFI has been the largest certified organic distributor in the U.S. since 2003. Guess who UNFI's biggest customer? That's right, WFMI. In 2004 20% of Whole Foods inventory came from UNFI, up from 18% in 2004 and 14% in 2003. Therefore it stands to reason that if things are good for Whole Foods things are good for UNFI. UNFI also has a 5 year agreement currently in place with Wild Oats Ticker: OATS.

UNFI was featured in The Motley Fool Stocks 2006 book, and of the 12 stocks mentioned in this year's edition this was one of the picks I agreed with the most.

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Anonymous said...

I like his personality, but he screwed me over. As I stumble thru life, I have learned not to do what the experts do. Take a photo of you and cramer and stick it on your blog, that would be funny. Then kill the messenger