20 minutes to blogger outage

So I better type quick. Outage @ 9pm PST and it is now 11:39 EST, so when I do my super secret math I have about 15 minutes to say hello.

Well I've used the new Gillette Fusion twice at this point, the last shave taking place within the past hour. The head of the Fusion is a bit oversized and can seem somewhat clumsy, but I would suspect that after a few uses you can flick it all around your head and naughty bits without a problem. I will say the shave is smooth as hell and the design is hella pimp.

Funny, at the supermarket the other day the Schick Quattro display looked so sad at the top of the aisle from the new Fusion display. The Quattro display was all run down and crooked, made of cardboard and sort of dusty. The new display for the Fusion was made of metal and hard plastic standing erect in the middle of the aisle, practically taunting that piece of shit Quattro.

I'm sitting here listening to the Sternie replay on Howard 101. You west coast fuckers have such a better setup as far as the replay show goes. The replay airs @ 9PM out here, but @ 6PM on the west. Meaning the replay runs from 9PM to about 2AM on the east, but the hours are more like 6PM to 11PM. Those hours work better for most people. Here I usually catch from 6:30 to 8:00 before heading into work where I have no reception. That means I have to listen to the replay from 11PM on in order to hear what I missed while I'm in work. Although I do go out to my car during lunch and listen to the west coast feed on 101 and I can usually catch Robin's news. Anyway I just think the hours work better for the west coast, but hopefully this will be cured by H102 going to a 24 show replay format.

Alright I'm listening to Clay Aiken's gay lover on Howard.

4-rilla out!


Anonymous said...

LOL, the blogger outagges suck ass!!! who needs 4 or 5 blades I stick with the 3 blades it's perfect...

Anonymous said...

Make a snowman for me. Don't forget the carrot