H5N1 Hello

I seem to be back. It's been a pretty busy week and a half or so as I've been housesitting. I've had an internet connection, but my laptop was useless, everyone in range was encrypted and I couldn't connect all week.

I saw the big 6 foot tall Dunkin Donuts cup at Logan Airport this evening. And I can testify to the power of the Dunk as the first place my parents had me stop on the drive home this evening was Dunkin Donuts. As good as Blue Mountain coffee is in Jamaica they both just wanted a "cream no sugar from Dunkin Donuts"

So what else has been going on? Well I am going to Coachella, so that is indeed something to look forward to. Can you say Daft Punk? Airfare was cheap as all hell to fly into Phoenix and then drive to Indio. A couple extra days thereafter to do whatever. I've never camped in the desert and Crystal is going to break me in. I've been pretty much an "all inclusive" traveler except for my trip to Ibiza and Crystal is a hostel and campground type girl so it will be cool to enjoy a bit of "roughing it".

Oh and I have already seemed to have frayed the cord that goes from my Sirius Starmate to the ciggy lighter. I can see the copper up at the top under where the plug goes into the receiver. I guess it was getting pressed up along the dash on occasion. I guess I'll need to stop on by Radio Shack or Best Buy for a new one asap, and reinforce it as well.

Well it's 12:45 and I have to get up at about 6:10 in the am. Tapping on the laptop, wearing headphones, pumping the Annie Mac show from the BBC Radio One listening to the new Prince single "Black Sweat" I must say it does sound pretty funky. This next track sounds smooth too, but I missed the title and artist because I'm an ass. I must say that there is nothing like some funky house music and electro pumped through headphones to get my heart racing give me a little bit of butterflies and just and overall glow. As they are now playing Pete Heller's Big Love, taking it back to 98 in order to solidify what I was just saying. I can remember this track banging on and on at many parties. I can even remember one instance....

Wait, close my eyes...

I'm t-h-e-r-e.

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Anonymous said...

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