Howard Stern Wilmer Valderrama interview this morning

Pop Sugar has a great breakdown of the Wilmer Valderrama Howard Stern interview from this morning. Check it out.

This interview this morning was what Sirius is all about. A half hour interview that was out of control! Artie was riffing right along and was totally in the mix. "You fucked Lindsay Lohan?" "You fucked Mandy Moore?"

Wilmer didn't pull any punches claiming he is more than 8 inches in the pants and didn't hold back about his sexual past. He admitted to taking Mandy Moore's virginity as well as banging Lindsay (Shabooty say what?), Rosario Dawson, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Ashlee Simpson. He stated that Jessica Alba is just a friend. That's the rap that I use too.

It's not like warm apple pie...It's just really good, it's really good" - Wilmer on taking Mandy Moore's virginity.

This interview made the backed up traffic on Rt. 95 much more enjoyable this morning as I did end up about 20 minutes late as opposed to 10 or so minutes early if traffic was normal.

Anyway, I'm off to watch Jack Bauer get into some hijinks.


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