Live Blogging From Coachella

It's about 10pm Pacific, I've been up since 4am Eastern.

Coming to you live from the Dodge cyber cafe, I hear people singing some karoke next door in the cantina, the tent has been assembled, and yes Crystal and I may have had some slight difficulty getting the tent all put together. But all in all we are are safe and sound, kicking back with a Nalgene bottle full of vodka and Sprite and enjoying the scene on this fine warm Friday evening. Much better than a day at work.

Anyway all is good in the Cali hood, hopefully I can meet up with Mr. Tony Pierce for a couple minutes at some point tomorrow or Sunday. Between that and the music everything should be golden. Plenty of pictures will be taken, and hopefully a good time will be had by all.

4rilla is about to go get his swerve on!

4rilla out!!

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