Making a list... Checking it twice

The list of items to bring for the end of the month Coachella and Joshua Tree rental car survival kit seems endless. Overall Crystal and I have the list pretty well under control. We shall see how our bodies react to a couple days in Joshua Tree National Park after two days and three nights at Coachella.

Being from the east coast I have never before slept outside in the desert with coyotes and bobcats so I am looking forward to Joshua Tree. But I think I might need a vacation to recover from my vacation.

I've been keeping up with the Coachella events page at Buzznet and using The Hype Machine as an mp3 search engine to listen to all kinds of goodies from Coachella artists.

Anyone else camping on site?

Coachella at Buzznet
The Hype Machine


Anonymous said...

Dont forget:
1. Salt free cans of beans
2. Chef-boy-ardee beefaroni
3. Every 1000 feet the temp drops by 5.5 degrees, so the morning might be colder than you expect at the higher elevations in joshua tree.
4. two flashlighs
5. water, water, water and more water.
6. lip balm and lip stuff

Anonymous said...

How funny that Bill says Chef BoyArdee, because I am so packing cans of raviolli Ummmmmmm

4rilla said...

Thanks for the tips Bill!!

Crystal will you have the lip balm taken care of??? =o)