Shooting Ogoplex ropes that are full of dope

Plenty of craziness going on in the world of radio as the news breaks today about Opie and Anthony coming back to testicle radio in some sort of wierd simulcast deal with XM. CBS Radio honchos are pulling the plug on the David Lee Roth morning show after just 4 short months. Remeber I named DLR as Stern's replacement way back on July 6th of last year.

After hearing Howard this morning speaking of DLR's ouster I did flip on over to WBCN to see what was going on. I never go on over to regular radio anymore unless I am in the car listening to a Red Sox game on WEEI. Well Roth was playing a version of Jump, where he appeared to be backed by some sort of Kentucky Jug Band. It was sort of interesting in a kitschy and campy sort of way. But Dave seemed to be pulling along the best he could on air. Then of course I was right off of FM and back to Sirius and Stern.

The whole Opie and Anthony thing is crazy and strange. CBS seems to be embracing the very thing that they are suing Stern for. How can they sue Stern for saying that the final year of his show was a big commercial for XM and then 4 months later attempt to bring in Opie & Anthony to their East Coast markets as a ditch attempt to get back a piece of the Howard pie. I'll admit to listening to O&A in afternoon drive when they were syndicated from NY to Boston. There is no way I would be listening to them on regular radio nowadays though. And it is apples and oranges to compare them head to head as the media seems to want to do. In my opinion there are very few satellite radio customers who are tuning in to hear AM or FM radio while they are out and about. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. Today Howard spent half an hour talking about Ogoplex and "male ropes" and Bubba The Love Sponge got his prostate massaged by a legitimate doctor live on air. While Howard was on the phone! You sure can't do things like that on regular radio.

i noticed this morning that Dunkin Donuts has rolled out a line of smoothies. Wildberry, Strawberry-Bananna and Mango Passionfruit. By the times I could tell Crystal abot it at 3 in the afternoon she had already beat me to the punch. She had one at lunch. She was not impressed. She said the fruit they put in it was sweet and syrupy rather than fresh. The large tops out at $4.99 in price.

While I'm on the subject of Dunkin Donuts... If you are going to keep these Baskin Robbins slash Dunkin Donuts full of happy customers hire more staff with the warm weather coming. It seems to take the people working in there a bit of time to create some of your more "complex" concoctions nowadays. I go to the DD's on the corner near work today at prime lunchtime, 1:15. I just want a large iced coffee. Milk, 1 sugar, on the dark side, easy on the ice. Is that so hard? But there are eight people in front of me, an old man ordering a small coffee and a bagel and the girl is trying to upsell him .20 cents to a medium coffee combo. He is 70, he wants a small coffee. Don't they all at that age? I think they are afraid of the styrofoam cups that the other sizes come in. Business is only going to increase as it gets warmer so please get some more folks behind the counter.

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