This Beautiful Loser Is Running Against The Wind

So I'm sitting here watching the Red Sox battle the Devil Rays, the Rays have just tied things up in the bottom of the 8th. Hopefully the Sox can come up with a quick run in the bottom of the 8th because I would like to watch Sunday's episode of the Sopranos before I go to bed.

I see that Bruce Springsteen is about to tour again, I noticed the headline said with The Seeger Sessions, and evening of gospel, folk and blues. For my money I would rather see Bruce Springsteen alongside Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band than Springsteen doing Pete Seeger. Growing up it seemed if my parents didn't have a Springsteen record on the turntable they were playing Seger's "Live Bullet" or "Nine Tonight". I also recall that Seger's saxaphone players name was Alto Reed, which is cooler than Clarence Clemons in my opinion.

Now that the quiet birth is over I am off to eat some placenta with Tom and Katie. What a bunch of fucking whackjobs!

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