Is it Labor Day or Memorial Day Weekend?

I always get those two confused. I just know that each one brings a three day weekend. On second thought I'm pretty sure it is Memorial Day and I figure I should give a great big thank you to all those serving in the armed forces and such. Sorry of you thought that you were going to serve your one weekend a month and hang out. George Jr. thought it would be wise to spend billions upon trillions of dollars to make you trapse around the desert and root out the "evil do'ers". I can think of one friend of mine currently serving in the badlands known as Iraq my hat is off to him and every other soldier. I'm the jackoff that is sitting over here on his living room couch at 1am, just finished playing Nascar on PS2, 4 vodkas deep whacking away at his keyboard while his lovely girlfriend sleeps in a nice air conditioned bedroom. I'm sure our fighting forces would enjoy my amenities right about now.

I hope we are all enjoying our unofficial start to summer. Somebody must have told the humidity that it was time to come out and play because today was the first day of stickiness here in Massachusetts. I'm sure th afternoon rains had something to do with that. So who is BBQ'ing, getting drunk, hanging with friends and such this weekend?

Crystal and I have no major exciting plans, but the three days off will be used to the fullest and are much deserved as far as I am concerned. If anything super interesting goes down I will be sure to share the stories and pictures with my fine friends out there on the interwebs. If I didn't what is the point of blogging at all.

I did enjoy some vodka with some tiny bottles of Cotton Candy and Bubble Gum flavored Chubby soda. I see that they are bottled in Mississauga, Canada. Maybe Raymi and Paige are big fans of the soda. I've never had them before but they serve themselves well as a mixer.

I'm vibing out to an old DJ Dan mixtape from the Ezeskankin website that has been converted to Quicktime. This website was just brought to my attention a couple weeks ago, but there are some great mixes on here from back in the day. I'll include the link at the end of this post in case anyone wants to check it out. Speaking of links check out the Riley Martin "My Name Is" link as well. All the Riley Martin song parodys have been killer as of late on Howard Stern, but this one was animated by someone on SternFanNetwork and is totally worth the look.

Ezeskankin Mixtapes
My Name is Riley Martin

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