Sirius Streaming of Howard Stern Around The Corner

Rumors on the internet, hum... I guess I will add to them.

It seems that Sirius is all geared up to stream The Howard Stern Show on Howard 100 as well as Bubba The Love Sponge and Ferrall as early as midnight tonight. I think it might happen sooner rather than later, since Howard is on vacation this week there is no better time to try a soft launch to work out some technical glitches that way Howard doesn't announce it first thing on Monday next and the site is flooded with a million plus logons.

People from the SternFanNetwork have stated that as recently as this evening they were "bumped" offline by Sirius while listening to current streaming content on more than one computer within their own home. The Sirius player is getting upgraded, basically if you have one radio your password can only be logged on to one computer at any one time. Anything more than that and you will get the boot.And from what I hear the boot is already taking place. That is all well and good with me though.

It will be great to be able to listen to H100 and H101 while at work, I work with a whole gang of people who have Sirius subs and are big Howard fans. I just hope the company is cool with it, or that it doesn't get noticed. A bunch of us already listen to Sirius' streaming content, I just know we will be using a bit more bandwith since we will ALL be logged on. And hopefully they don't pull and moral b.s. regarding the content of "The Show".

But I do know that if the streaming begins without much of an issue I will be a mauch happier resident of cubicle nation!

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