A before bed quickie

Well here is a quickie update regarding the weekend trip to New Hampshire and some of my other goings ons.

Crystal and I had a wonderfully relaxing time up in Crawford Notch this weekend, as peaceful and relaxing as sleeping on the ground for two nights can be I suppose. Got in a bit of hiking, waterfall peeping and general peace and quiet. We sure picked a great weekend weatherwise, as the temps were scorching when we got back home later on Sunday evening. Tomorrow evening I will do my best to set aside some time to update my Buzznet page with a bunch of new photos taken and expand on the weekend here in the blog.

In other news today was day one of the launch of The Howard Stern Show streaming online on the Sirius website. I logged on the moment I got to work at 8am and listened straight through to the end of the show, the wrapup show and then caught the first 40 minutes of the show that I hadn't heard yet. I must say that the technology held up through day one, I wasn't kicked off, or timed out, or frozen or anything of the like. It was smooth and easy listening. One difference was that durning the terrestrial radio days you could count on 20 minutes worth of commercials an hour in which you could get up from your desk to go to the printer, or talk to a coworker or go to the bathroom or whatever. But now in the world of satellite there are just about five minutes of commercials per hour, which means there is more time for me to stay chained to my desk listening to the show, and when there is a commercial break I have to scurry around to do any pending work away from my desk. But it goes without saying that the fact that Howard is now streaming online will make the workday that much more bearable.

Congrats to the Carolina Hurricanes the 2006 Stanley Cup Champs, and their coach Franklin MA native Peter Laviolette as well as Glen Wesley who patroled the blue line for the Bruins for 7 years in the late 80's and early 90's.

Crystal's Take on NH (with pics)


Anonymous said...

I love the middle pic, when I was looking thru them last night I saw that one with what looked like a sunray hitting the rock...Funny you posted that one :)
And you are a dork in a vest...But I still love u

Anonymous said...

great photos

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