Making Some Big Love Of Our Own

The Soprano's season finale was a bit of a yawner, although it was interesting to see AJ get a hot piece of ass and then have the balls to bring her into the house for Christmas. That could set up some interesting scenarios. Christopher confirms yet again that he is a fuckup through and through. Big Love was somewhat more interesting, Bumblebee Mother of the Year had bad news written all over it from day one and that proved to be the case. The clan might have to head for zee hills and leave the Home Plus empire behind.

I'll keep HBO for the boxing and stand up specials. Crystal likes watching movies and On Demand plenty too. But Entourage never really turned me on, but I haven't ever given it a chance, and I've only watched the first season of Deadwood, although I did like it when I did see it. Lucky Louie seems to hold some promise though.

Kinda woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning and was grumpy for most of the day, but then Ms. C. and I came home and settled in and proceeded to throw down some Big Love of our own. Sorry neighbors! Bed moving three quaters of the way across the room, rope, blindfolds, cameras ready prepare to flash. Not only did that give me an attitude adjustment but it left me weak in the knees and lightheaded and then some. I guess now I can face the work week ahead.

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