Eric The Midget Answers Frequently Asked Questions

On Monday I was upset that Howard Stern's first show back from vacation was one of the shorter shows since joining Sirius and was hoping that after a few days back in the studio he would be "in the groove" and continue on with the marathon length shows that he has been gracing us with as of late. Well the Artie and Dice fight (classic) today made for quite a show and they ended up clocking in at about 6 hours in length. Contractually obligated to do four hours Howard comes forth with a 6 hour show. That is some bang for your buck! We speak your name!!

Anyway, since people seem to come a searching for Elliot Offen myspace info I figured I would share Eric The Midget/Actor/Idol Expert's latest myspace blog in which he answers all the haters FAQ's......

Answer #1. No I'm not doing the balloon stunt ever. Reason for me not to do it is because of more then half of the Stern Show listeners aren't worth it at all. With the way they talk to me or about me on the show, on here (MySpace), and on SFN. Of course I'm sorry to those of you that are actaully nice to me on here, and treat me with respect, but the ones that are assholes towards me ruined it for you nice people. Again I'm sorry but I just can't do it for that simple reason. I do go, and things to please people who disrespect me. Maybe if I got more respect from all of you, and not less then half of Stern's then maybe I'd consider it, but like I said I'm not doing it for the entertainment of a bunch of people that hate to even hear me on the show, and call me names.

Answer #2. No I don't fear the balloons. Balloons are no where close to anything I fear. As I said above that's the only reason that I'm not doing it. I'm not like Tyra Banks with a completely stupid fear. Being affraid of balloons, or flying with balloons is as stupid as Tyra's fear of dolphins.

Answer #3. Now this is an answer to one question that is really getting on my nerves, and that is the question about Briana. Look I'm friends with her parents not her. I've hardly even talked to her. I told to her father about her start in the country music business, because I'm a huge country music fan. Take a look at my top 24, and you can see that I love country. I think it's cool as a fan of country that I can say that I am a friend of the family when she makes it big. That's the only interest that I have in her, and there's nothing wrong or bad about that.

Answer #4. This is another one that bugs me. That is a lot of you questioning if I'm straight. Yes I am straight. Just because I pass up chances with any of the pornstars that Stern has tried to set me up with or that nurse chick. I want to deal with that whole thing on my own terms. I don't trust being setup by Howard. The whole Valerie thing seems like a setup. In fact the last morning I called in the line I called in on the woman who answered the call sounded dead on like Valerie. The reason I started listening to the show was because I saw Private Parts, and loved seeing all the busty nude women in that movie. That's why I started frist watching the E! show, and the listen to the show, and like a lot of you I sit, and picture the nude women. So hopefully this ends this question.
Answer #5. This is the answer to the question as to why I only post the nice, good messages, and not the bad ones. It's simple there are family members of mine that are MySpace members. I don't want any of them to read the bad ones, and get pissed. I mean really think about it for a second. If you had a family member on here wouldn't it piss you off to read a bunch of bad hateful messages to them? Unless you're a cold heartless uncaring asshole your answer would be yes it would piss you off. So that is why I post only the good messages. So deal with it. I'll do my page my way you do your's your way.
Last answer. Answer #6. This is an answer to a comment that I get a lot about the photo with the caption Photo 41 Myself Meeting Vanessa Lengies (Roxann B.). The outside glare is in my eyes. I'm not smelling anything bad.

One last thing. Please leave the people on my friends list alone. Believe it or not, not all of them are on my list because they've heard my on the show. Some are family, friends that I've known for years, and country music artists. So please leave them all alone. So if you've got a problem with me then you take it up with me not them.

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