To Loft Or Not To Loft...

So what a day this turned out to be. Just when you think you know which way things are heading a big detour sign gets hoisted up in front of you.

Crystal and I were going to visit The Fremont Lofts for the 3rd time this weekend, we had one more unit that we were going to check out and then we were pretty much ready to make an offer early next week on an available unit within the buliding. The unit we saw today was not quite as impressive or expansive as we had hoped, and it lead us back to the first unit we saw a few weeks ago. We love the look of it, we just wish it had a bit more to offer in the square footage department.

However, Crystal had set up a viewing at one other place. The listing online made it sound rather unique so we thought we would give it a look for comparison purposes. I'm not even going to mention the address or name of the building in this post for fear that some online poacher will go and check it out and steal it out from under us. The neighborhood is close to downtown and seemed slightly rundown, at first we were going to blow it off altogether, but figured what the hell, it doesn't hurt to look.

So it ends up that this place is like so fucking right that it hurts. It is just a shame that the locale isn't all that, because when you enter the apartment it is just like BLAM! Perfecto! First off when you enter the building it takes me back to 7th grade, wide staircases, wide enough for you and six of your buddies to run down at the same time after flicking erasers at the back of somebody's head as the bell rang to end French class. But when you enter the apartment fuggedaboutit..... The guy currently living there has spent the past three years doing all the upgrades, and putting some TLC into the place to make it look "just so". A huge livingroom with a 10 foot long built in hutch, wainscoting throughout, rick dark woods everywhere that sort of lend the this elegant and relaxing vibe. Oh by the way, that HD tv projector that is mounted on the wall and hard wired to the cable box.... Well that comes with the place!!! What!! The place is just huge, has tons of nooks and crannies and storage and has been lovingly attended to over the past few years. The master bedroom has a huge approximately 12 foot long section painted with chalkboard paint where the old chalkboard was when school was, I could go on and on, but at this point you get the idea.

So basically our brains are fried right now with the amount of scenarios and options running thru our heads. But stay tuned as updates will be forthcoming.....

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