Do you want this guy in charge of your commute??

I know I don't!

You are looking at Michael Copps, the chairman of the FCC. Looks like a barrel of laughs, huh??? He replaced Colin Powell's son Michael Powell as chairman of The Federal Communications Commission. Within the past week we have had the very successful "freeview" which was held by Sirius Satellite Radio last week.

Sirius unveiled Sirius Internet Radio to a worldwide audience and information seems to point to the fact that many of those old Howard Stern fans who have yet to make the switch to Sirius tuned in to see what Howard and the gang were up to. And to the unconverted who did tune in were treated to two great days of radio, including the Gary "Bababooey' Dell'Abate roast. Hopefully some of the most recent converts were tuned into this morning's show which featured the fall from this hard hitting no hold barred roast, which featured jokes about Howard's girlfriend Beth O. having a horse face. Along with Artie Lange calling show writer Sal "The Stockbroker" Governale's toddler son being, gay and calling Sal's wife a "cunt".

It is no wonder that at a meeting last week The National Association of Broadcasters (which is basically the whole of FM and AM radio) filed complaints about 3 issues about satellite radio in an attempt to get Satellite Radio providers either stripped out of their licenses or put under some sort of FCC decency policy.

The NAB claims that satellite radio units in cars are too strong, some of them operating at thousands of times over their FCC guidelines therefore interfering with people listening to regular old fashioned radio on frequencies on the lower end of the dial. They also claim that repeaters (which strentghen signals in built up areas) are too strong and do not operate up to code and interfere with AM and FM signals.

They also claim that Sirius and XM should not be able to give their product away for free in new vechicles or on the internet, a la the freeview put forth by Sirius last week. And that in doing so the satellite radio providers should face restrictions regarding racy content.

I guess all I can say is George Bush, get your hands off my Sportster Replay! I'll freely admit that I listen to a combination of Howard100, Howard101 and other Sirius channels an average of 11.5 hours a day during the week. I challenge all of you who listen to regular terrestrial radio to come forth and say that you can stand listening to the garbage on regular radio for that amount of hours.

Thought so.


Anonymous said...

WOW someone who listens to as much Howard as i do!!!!!

awesome awesome post!

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