Since we are just a handful of exits down the road from th exit for Walden Pond we decided to make a Saturday morning trip out to Walden before melding with the masses of people at Wrenthem Outlets. If it was not for Thoreau, Walden Pond would be a big bowl of "Who Gives A Shit" a smallish tranquil pond ringed with walking trails that are pretty much roped off from the shoreline to one side and hilly hemlocks to the other. Crystal and I did enjoy a little walk amongst the chipmucks to one of the higher points in the park, but all in all it wasn't all that. I can imagine how out of control it can be there in the height of summer.

After that we did some reatial therapy at Wrenthem, but going there on a weekend can be such a drag as the place is swarming with all types and plenty of soccer mom cunts that you just want to kick in the shins. And it took 23 minutes to get out of the parking lot when we were finished.


Bill German said...

i miss walden pond, but at least i can still read his books while camping in the sierra's

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