Jones Soda Dessert Pack Review #1

Last week we picked up the Jones Soda (Ticker Symbol:JSDA) Dessert Pack at Target. I figured we will bust into each bottle one by one and review them as I drink them.

First up, Blueberry Pie Soda. crystal's initial reaction was, "This doesn't taste like blueberry." And it really doesn't. Pretty much a faint taste of a melted Icee pop, but that is about it.

The second part of the taste test involves using the drink as a mixer with my favorite alcoholic beverage, vodka. I made a nice strong drink, Three Olives vodka, some ice cubes and half a bottle of Jones Blueberry Soda. The soda and the vodka mixed well and the faint taste of the blueberry still come through when mixed. A decent drink.

As a stand alone the Blueberry is nothing special, but it compliments the vodka well.

Bananna Creme Pie, I think we have a winner! This is the second flavor tasted, and both Crystal and I think this might be as good as it gets. This drink has a great aroma, Crystal relates it to Burt's Bees Marshmallow face cream and I consider the smell to be one in the same as Willy Wonka's Wacky Wafers in bananna. Yummy!

The flavor was even better, sort of a sweet but somewhat fruity bananna. They seemed to nail the smell dead on with this one and that helps bring out the taste. I think our nose is leading to how much we like this but we both think it is great. Jeez, we almost drank the whole bottle, but saved enough for a vodka taste test. I just drank the last sip and a Jones Bananna Creme and vodka seems like it could work well on any beach! Top notch flavor!

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