A little bit of catch-up

So I have been working another job. Don't even know if I mentioned that yet. So that has been keeping me busy later into the evening on Monday thru Wednesday. On Saturday Crystal and I had appointments to go and look at 5 different condos. The one we were most excited to see ended up being our favorite, and we are headed back over again this Saturday to give it the once over, but thing seem to be moving in a positive direction. Cross your fingers.

We spent Sunday night at Mohegan Sun for my birthday and the one year anniversary of us meeting for the first time and going to Ikea! We mentioned that we are very influential bloggers who average a whole 20 hits a day! HA! Next thing you know they were like, huumm, let us upgrade you to a suite. Just kidding, but luckily not about the upgrade! Ended up with an awesome room, probably 1,000 square feet, soaking tub built into the window, huge glass shower, pimp living room. So after a great dinner we spent all night in the room rather on the casino floor losing money. We ordered some great room service delights pictured above. Lost about $100 combined by the time we rolled out of there the next afternoon. Had a superb dinner and some great R&R on Sunday night so it made for a great close to home escape.


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