Stella McCartney is paying my bills!!!

So I went by the Wrenthem Outlets last Friday morning on the way to work. I hit up the Adidas Outlet and luckily they had some new Stella McCartney stuff. Nothing in the way of clothing, but they did have tennis bags, backpacks, gym bags and bouldering bags.

So of course I bought out most of what they had and threw them up on ebay. So far the results have been promising. Check out the link below to the pink gym bag that is currently fetching a top bid of $162.00. Sweet. Overall I will be able to give Crystal one of the backpacks and the bouldering bags and still clear a couple hundred bucks.

I have to go to the denist later this afternoon and will probably pop into Adidas again with the quickness to see if they have any other goodies. Dontcha love the holidays?

My Current Auctions
Pink I'm Fit Bag

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