Breaking Out The Paint

So I'm sitting here enjoying two days off from work smack dab in the middle of this holiday sort of work week. Crystal and I put in a marathon session at Ikea in Stoughton today, complete with a Swedish meatball and lingonberry lunch. Spent a bunch of time sweating over wardrobe solutions and different ways to trick out the spare room and convert it to a walk in closet. Albeit a walk in closet with turntables! But we seemed to have sorted out the walk in situation and picked up some other items as well. Bathroom mirrors, shades, curtain rods, a bookcase that is going to be converted to hold the tv and so on and so forth.

From there we popped two doors down to Home Depot and picked out a nice cinnamon brown color for the dining room. I'm sure Crystal will be up nice and early in the morning and will have everything all set up and good to go and possibly even taped off before I even wake up in the am. I'll be taking some before and after pictures and should chronicle my progress tomorrow.

I think I'm off to play a little bit of Guitar Hero 2 before heading to bed in order to get a decent nights rest in order to get my paint on tomorrow.

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