Putting pieces of the 07 puzzle together

Exciting day for Red Sox fans as the home team club was quite busy today. The Matsuzaka era appears to be getting ready to begin as he is on Massachusetts soil and went to Mass General for a physical earlier tonight. If the Sox can find the closer to anchor the bullpen the starting pitching situation seems to be solid with Schilling, Beckett, Papelbon, Matsuzaka and 'ol boy Wakefield.

And as to other pieces of the puzzle, new SS Julio Lugo was at Fenway today to get his jersey and be paraded in front of the media. And the Sox also agreed to a one year deal with Doug "I Don't Need No Stinking Batting Gloves" Mirabelli.

Sounds like Sox fans were good all year and are getting some treats in our stockings!

Empyreal Environs
Red Sox Times


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