Another weekend of progress...

Since Saturday was Crystal's birthday we didn't exactly get much accomplished around the house. We ended up going out to dinner at The Sole Proprietor, and what a fine dinner it was. No wonder this is the best seafood joint in these parts. The food was great, no complaints about the service either. Between appetizers, the main course and a desert for each of us along with a bottle of wine it was a quick 5 minute drive home, where we then found Matthew McConaughey and Al Pacino on in "Two For The Money". I fell asleep for the last ten minutes or so. Figures.

This morning we painted the room that is being turned into a walk in closet. Peanut butter is the color. We will have to figure out what type of closet system we are going with within the next week. Took a ride to Sears to pick up an elliptical, but no way it would fit in the Hyundai. It is on hold for 2 weeks so I will pick it up with somebody's truck sometime in the next week or so. Finally got another set of keys for the house too. Yay. After the failed Sears mission we went to work on some of the clutter in the kitchen, because Crystal picked up a desk at mill store which we put together and then she painted a nice blue on Saturday. When all was said and done we got her computer set up on a wireless connection the first time, switched out the dining room blinds, laid down the dining room rug as well as putting up the mirror in the bathroom and a new towel rack. Score.

I know all this condo talk is boring as all hell to 99.8% of you that come here.But if I don't talk about it here.... Where would I???


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