Bubba The Love Sponge Wedding Pics

There has been a nice spike in traffic over here today as people have been searching for the pictures that Mutt from Stern Fan Network took of Howard Stern at his "private" birthday party Friday night. After the verbal assault that The King Of All Media unleashed on Mutt today I see that all the pictures from Howard's Private party have been removed from SFN. The few pics that I did right click and save are in the post below.

Since web traffic demands it I figured I might as well post some of the pics that Mutt posted from Bubba's wedding as well. I'm not sure if these pics are only viewable to SFN members so I figured I would save some and post them up here.

The pictures include:
Hogan and Brooke
Richard Christy and Benjy getting their dance on
The bride showing off her assets
Ronnie The Limo Driver Mund in the middle of his "Let's Fuck some Whores" chant
The one and only Ned
Bubba and his pimp cup to wash down something from "the rattler"
Berry faced Ralph Cirella

Hope you all enjoy the pictures, feel free to leave any and all comments relating to The Show and the Tampa trip!

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