Happy New Year

I figured if I intend to blog more often in the coming year that I should post by January 2nd. Not that it would be that big a deal if I waited until the 3rd, the 4th, the 5th...

Crazy busy over here but the condo is really coming along. Painted the living room and bathroom this past weekend. Went on a major shopping spree on Monday, all the way to Natick Mall and Pottery Barn was closed. Oh look at me blogging about Pottery Barn. But we did get some nice endtables and a chest at Pier One. All that HGTV does pay off. Wow, see for 2007 I cut off my penis. No not really, it is just exciting to have a somewhat blank slate of a home to furnish and color and so on any damn way you please. But I did also get a Tivo so I don't miss any 24 or Heroes in the coming weeks, so the whole day was not about color schemes, recliners, and console tables. Turning a room into a walk in closet over the coming weeks should be interesting. Might have found a great deal on a gym quality elliptical in The Want Ad.

Ran to Circuit City at lunch today to try to grab a copy of Artie Lange's Beer League. It was 1:30pm and they were sold out, there were plenty of copys of Snakes On A Plane to be had though. Beer League has moved up the Amazon sales ranks today, from spot #101 at 10am to #3 by 11pm. If it hits #1 Artie might be back on the shit. Speaking of the Stern world it was great to have Howard and crew back on the air live today, and the show went until about 11:30am. Nothing makes my workday better than a Stern Show that goes 5+ hours. Eric The Midget announced on air today that he will be introducing Shuli live on stage this weekend at The Killers of Comedy gig at The Avalon in Sacramento this Friday 1/5. Poor Eric does not know what he is in for. No way can he handle a drunken crowd of rabid Stern Fans. I think he is going to be chewed up and spit out. Should be interesting. Congrats to Carzy Alice, Bigfoot it is and The Elegant One for their 3 way tie in the football pool.

If you ask me they should have given Bigfoot the $25K.

Here is to 2007!!


Ms.Crystal said...

You are too cute, you act like you hate home decor and painting.. I can take care of it all and decorate...But you do LOVE to paint shop and you know the blue on the rug will bring in blue from other areas....You know far more then most men... Love ya

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