Pan's Labyrinth - A Review-

It was great to find out earlier in the week that the Worcester North Showcase Cinemas was rolling out a new art house project called Cine Art. 4 theaters showing indie, art house, foreign films and such.

Crystal made a great call in wanting to go see Pan's Labyrinth, so we headed that way for the 7:30 show on Friday night. Showcase did their best to create an alternate environment for the Cine Art area, piano player by the ticket taker, couches and magazines, better food choices etc. Hopefully crowds continue to come out over the coming months and this theater going option doesn't fade away over time. The showing we went to was actually announced as sold out a couple minutes after we bought our tickets but before we made it into the theater. You guessed it... Front row... Fuck.

Front row and subtitles, under normal circumstances this probably would have been a disaster. It is pretty hard to read and look at the rest of the screen when you are sitting so damn close. But that was never an issue at all as the movie was one of the best I have seen in quite some time. The split of between fantasy and reality in the movie was brilliant two struggles going on at the same time with great visual effects. Not to mention the fact that Ofelia's new stepdad The Captain might be the best movie villian in some time. This movie certainly sucked me in and is well worth the acclaim being thrown its way.

This evening we were planning on going to the Worcester Sharks Providence Bruins game at DCU. Well the game looked like it might sellout and I refuse to pay tickmaster a $6.00 fee on a $16.00 ticket and I didn't feel like running downtown to the box office to avoid the fee so we just said the hell with and decided to bum around for the evening.

Watched a 2 episodes of Living With The Kombai Tribe on Discovery HD. That show is pretty insane, these two guys go and befriend a tribe in Papau New Guinea come to find out this tribe sometimes pratices cannibalism and pretty much eat rats and grubs. Yum.

Then it was a movie night as we milked a few laughs out of Accepted and South Harmon Institute of Technology, aka SHIT and the found Julianne Moore and The Prize Winner of Defianc OH on Starz.

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