Heroes- My Streaming Online Experience

First and foremost Heroes is the best show on tv, just my huble opinion of course. But since it started going up against 24 about 2 months ago I have been recording 24 on Tivo and then Crystal and I watch Heroes on the laptop later in the week.

I've got to give NBC tons of credit, the first two weeks the picture could get a littly jumpy and slightly funky at times but as of late the streams have been crystal clear. The past 6 to 8 weeks we have watched every episode online and for what "it is" watching online is a pretty decent experience.

And things like this will show to be winners for the networks that are streaming full episodes online. I can tell you that over the past weeks the Heroes streams show the just one 30 second commercial for the same company each time you would have the normal 3 minute commercial break during the network show. Therefore off hand I can recall Hilton Hotels, Allstate and the movie Ghost Rider doing a 30 second spot for each break during the stream. I Tivo 24 on Monday nights (same timeslot as Heroes) and I triple fast forward thru all the commercials and get right back to Jack Bauer. Therefore the cable consumer is watching no commercials and the online streamer is sitting thru the 30 second commercial for two reasons:

It is still somewhat cumbersome to fast forward thru the commercial online because it is a clip, so it is a little bit trickier than just hitting fast forward on your Tivo, and since it is just 30 seconds rather than 3 minutes you are content to sit through it.


As for the show we know Jack Bauer isn't one to be fucked with, but this week it was made known that George Takei is the baddest mofo on Heroes. Sternie Dukes announced today that Takei will be sitting in all next week on the show! That should be great.

The Stern show has been on a roll as of late, Mel Karmazin even sat in for 45 minutes earlier this week to discuss the merger of SIRI and XMSR before going to Washington for the hearings that took place today. Add in a little "It's Just Wrong" and you have the world's greatest entertainment!

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