Not your typical day off...

So I had a day off from work today. I was planning to put some stuff on Ebay, listen to Stern and take care of some odds and ends around the house. I woke up at normal time and made my pot of coffee and then sent Crystal off to work, rather then her sending me off as is usually the case.

Crystal wasn't even out the door for 20 minutes and my phone rings. It was Ms. C. telling me that she just got into an accident on Route 290 on her way to work. Thank goodness she is 100% A-OK. I threw on my jacket and headed out the door to pick her up and survey the damage. Rolling up on the scene I was surprised by the amount of damage that I saw. Basically a car stalled out in the slow lane and rolled to a stop, which created a chain reaction of people braking and swerving out of the lane. Crystal was behind a Volvo SUV who slammed on his brakes which gave her no time to fully react and her Saturn did a full on rollup into the back of the Volvo. Surprisingly her airbags didn't deploy and her front end was crumpled about 30% in. But like I said she is fine, no bodily injury and that is what is the most important.

I'm sure Massachusetts State Troopers don't have too much positive stuff said about them on blogs and on the internet, but the two troopers who were on the scene were nothing but nice and didn't have the attitude that I have seen emanating from them in the past.

Now we will play the waiting game to see if the insurance company is going to consider the car totaled or fix it or what have you. We can't really function as a one car household as we both work two jobs and my commute is 100+ miles a day. The one bright spot is that my parents leave for Jamaica tomorrow for 10 days, so I will call them up in a bit and ask to use their Jeep for the 10 days while they are away. That will at least buy us some time to figure out what is up with Crystal's car.

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